Business Loan in Pune

Apart from being the second largest city of Maharashtra, Pune is one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia Pacific region. It is lined with some of the most well-known educational institutions of the country and is emerging as a prominent location for IT and manufacturing. Startups and small businesses are the important constituents of Pune’s economy, accelerating the city’s growth to capture a spot amongst Tier-1 cities.

Even though micro, small and medium-sized companies are appreciated for their inputs to the GDP rise, they commonly face numerous hurdles in putting their plans into action. Running a small business is not a smooth journey in a market filled with uncertainties and strong competitive forces. Some of them are unable to leverage new technologies to improve their operations or buy bulk supplies to benefit from economies of scale. The crux of the problem is the lack of timely loans for business in Pune.

Is there an alternative to traditional finance? Can these entrepreneurs get fast business loans and in more flexible terms and conditions? Yes.

Capital Float is proud to be an integral part of the FinTech industry that is fuelling the growth of small and medium enterprises with quick, short-term and collateral-free loans. As one of the trusted business loan providers in Pune, we strive to ensure that our customers don’t miss on leveraging growth opportunities due to a lack of funds.

How can a business apply for a loan from Capital Float?

We have created a streamlined process for our business loans online application that takes no more than 10 minutes to be filled and submitted. Here is how you go about it:

  • Fill in the digital application available on our website
  • Upload the soft copies of the supporting documents with the application
  • Get the decision on your collateral-free business loan request within 24 hours
  • Find the funds credited to your bank account in the next 2-3 days post-approval

As these are unsecured business loans in Pune, there is no need to pledge any fixed or current asset as security. We do not ask for collateral of any kind and the loans are granted on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Which documents are to be uploaded along with the loan application?

The requirements for business loan from us are simple and straightforward. Although the documents required vary from one product to another, the list usually comprises of the following:

  • GST returns for the last 12 months
  • ITR – Financial documents for the last two years
  • Company’s and its owners’ KYC documents
  • Business bank statements for the last six months
  • Loans or overdraft sanction letters (if any)

If you find any of these documents missing or have a problem in verifying your eligibility, do not worry. Talk to our customer service team at 18004190999 to find the best possible alternative for your business loan in Pune. We have customised credit criteria for a wide variety of businesses.

For what purposes does Capital Float provide commercial loans?

We extend business loans without security for a variety of expenses that may be a part of regular costs or may arise unexpectedly. You can apply for a loan to:

  • Purchase equipment or machinery
  • Purchase inventory in bulk
  • Implement new technology
  • Meet administrative expenses
  • Launch a new marketing campaign
  • Hire special business consultancy services
  • Expand venture to a new location

It is good to plan out the most strategic way of using an SME business loan in Pune. When the reason is clearly stated, there are greater chances of approval. The right usage of borrowed funds also helps to improve business revenue flows and makes the repayment hassle-free.

Wish to send your application now?

For any other queries on Capital Float’s small business loan in Pune, call on 1860 419 0999.