Business Loan in Mumbai

Mumbai is renowned for being the commercial capital of India that attracts business people from other states as well as first-world countries. The city adds significantly to India’s industrial output and GDP.

Liquid resources are the vital forces for any ambitious business and the companies that find themselves with low cash in hand can find it hard to execute their plans at the right times. The problem of weak bank balances in a big city like Mumbai is acute for small and medium enterprises. In a metropolitan city, they face more competition due to the heavy multiplication of commercial ventures. Survival of the fittest is a norm, where access to quick business loans will determine success for SMEs.

Capital Float understands the ups and downs of business ownership. The timely availability of collateral-free business finance for implementing strategies can be the difference between putting a venture at risk and making it grow. By utilising our digital platform to apply for a business loan in Mumbai, you can have quick access to the unsecured business funds you need for staying progressive in your industry.

“What makes taking a loan from Capital Float a good idea?”

Capital Float is a registered NBFC with RBI and an integral part of the FinTech industry that has revolutionised small business lending using digital technology, data and design.

Applying for our business loans without security in Mumbai is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Some attributes that prompt businesses to make us their financial partner include:

  • Online application and acceptance of digital documents
  • Unsecured finance – no assets to be pledged
  • Instant review and decision
  • Access to funds within 2-3 business days
  • Bank-level data encryption and security
  • Minimum charges up front

Our management team comprises of finance and business professionals with extensive experience in the Indian credit industry and we’re all about doing things more efficiently for our customers. As a business loan provider in Mumbai, we overcome the restrictions of traditional financing and make funds available to enterprising companies that are at the heart of a strong economy.

“What can a business use these loans for?”

We offer commercial SME loans in Mumbai for a variety of purposes. Generally, these funds are taken to:

  • Purchase inventory
  • Manage cash flow
  • Buy vehicles, equipment and other business assets
  • Hire special consulting services or trainers
  • Expand business operations
  • Cover extra overhead expenses
  • Buy new facilities for the business

You can use your small business loan in Mumbai for any business activity. Submitting a formal plan stating the purpose of the loan is a good idea to improve your chances of approval.

“Which documents will I need to submit in support of my loan application?”

We offer easy business loans in Mumbai on the basis of the creditworthiness of a business. This, in turn, is judged by its promptness in paying the bills raised by suppliers, repayments on loans taken previously and compliance with tax laws.

To substantiate the credentials provided in your application, you will need to provide us with soft copies of following documents:

  • GST returns for the last 12 months
  • ITR – Financial documents for the last two years
  • Business owners' and the company's KYC documents
  • Business bank statements for the last six months
  • Loans or overdraft sanction letters (if any)

Ready to get those funds? You can apply for your unsecured business loan in Mumbai right here:

For queries and to get more information on the collateral-free loans in Mumbai, feel free to check the different financial products mentioned on our website or call us at 1860 419 0999.