Business Loan for Women

With the rapidly increasing number of women entrepreneurs in India, the number of women seeking capital to fund their own business has also increased. Much like many SMEs, these women face the same challenges in accessing business finance – getting timely funds at a short notice.

The requirement of additional finance for a business can be very abrupt. Business owners may suddenly find themselves facing an economic downturn, a seasonal decline in demand for their products and services or a market takeover by an innovative competitor.

At such times, an uneven cash flow coupled with delays in procuring financing from traditional sources is disturbing for business women who are habitually agile in managing their enterprise.

To help industrious ladies to consistently achieve their targets and realise their new plans, Capital Float has tailored special collateral-free business loans for women.These are readily available funds that can be used to start and accelerate the growth of a business venture.

What makes Capital Float an ideal source of loan for woman-owned business?

Capital Float is a registered NBFC, a FinTech company that leverages digital technology to ease the access to business finance without security for business owners. Entrepreneurs including experienced business women appreciate the customised, friendly features of our lending model.

These primarily include:

  • Quick online loan application on a secure portal
  • Personal consideration of each request
  • Fund disbursal within 48-72 hours post-approval
  • Flexible loan terms to fit particular business needs
  • Transparent costs disclosed up front

Encouraging resourceful and productive businesses in India is a part of our company culture. And we always respect the role of women in this field.

"That sounds great! What qualifies a woman entrepreneur for these loans?”

We acknowledge that women and men are on an equal footing in the world of business. They can handle the responsibilities and accomplish big tasks equally well. Nevertheless, to encourage more women to take a lead in the world of business, Capital Float actively promotes its business loans for women.

The eligibility parameters for these loans are also simple :

  • Business with an operational history of one year
  • Yearly business turnover of Rs. 1 crore as per the audited financials
  • Provision of correct and up-to-date information in the application

We also provide business finance to self-employed women and micro-entrepreneurs such as doctors and franchisees.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for a loan and wish to check the customised criteria for a particular business or profession that you follow, feel free to talk to our team on 1860 419 0999.

“I already see myself as an eligible applicant for Capital Float’s small business loans. What documents will I need to submit with the application?”

With our pre-designed online application, it does not take more than 10 minutes to send your details. The encrypted portal ensures that all your information is secure. And you only need to upload the soft copies of:

  • A copy of the Business Registration Certificate
  • Yours and the organisation's KYC documents
  • GST returns for the last 12 months
  • ITR – Financial documents for the last two years
  • Bank statements for the last six months
  • Loans or overdraft sanction letters (if any)

Begin the process here (link to application)

Capital Float feels privileged to extend small business loans for women and participate in the government’s drive to promote woman entrepreneurship in India.